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Why Should I Start up a Business With International Partners?


Do I Have to Be a Team Player to Start a Business? In fact, you do not necessarily have to be a team player to start up in a team. If certain boundaries are agreed upon, people who are less likely to work in groups can also cooperate with each other. Aspects that are important when founding in a team. 1. A common vision and a common goal Working with united forces towards a goal not only conjures up team spirit, but also focuses the goals and communication within the team. Everyone knows which goal and vision is being worked for [...]

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4 Reason Why To Start Up In Germany


1. Expand from the central of Europe Germany has a well developed infrastructure. Due to its central location in Europe, Germany is an important location between East and West Europe. Germany has an extensive road and rail network as well as a secure energy supply and communications infrastructure. 2. Global Player Germany is the engine of the European economy – and you can benefit from this. Another plus is the large German domestic market and easy access to growth markets in the enlarged European Union. Germany is the third largest export nation - close behind China and the USA - [...]

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What Is International Entrepreneurship?


What is International Entrepreneurship? International Entrepreneurship offers the possibility to establish a start-up in an international framework. Students, researchers or employees interested in starting their own business are given access to critical economic and technical know-how to develop their business idea or to define a business model for ongoing research. The TechKnowlodgy Entrepreneurship Hub offers various online and in-person events (i.a., lectures, workshops, network events, expert talks). The program includes participation in an international Entrepreneurship Summer School (online, September), an online incubation process (December to May), and the International Hightech Entrepreneurship Start-up Camp in Germany (June). During this process, participants learn [...]

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