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Awaken your inner MacGyver

One challenge, many solutions, one week of time. Who manages to develop the right products on the basis of creative ideas? No matter if a very mature concept, a prototype or even a finished product is created, we are looking for a team that develops and presents the best solutions for the given task.

All students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are encouraged to solve problems creatively and to think in terms of economics and engineering. Every year in the winter semester we are looking for bright and enterprising teams for the MacGyver Entrepreneurship Week.

From invention to founding a company

Germany has traditionally been a nation of founders, which is why the competition was reconditioned in 2017. We are looking for a team able to develop a concept or prototype for a marketable product based on the given task. The aim is that this product can be introduced into the market by establishing a proper startup. The main goal is to make everyday life easier for people in need of care.

We evaluate how original the idea is, if it is technically feasible and if it has market potential. Great prizes await the winning teams! Subsequent startup projects are also actively supported by the Entrepreneurship Hub and the Institute for Dynamics and Vibrations. The event will also be accompanied by media throughout.

  • Developing solutions for social problems

  • Elaborating a plausible technical functional principle

  • Working out a concept for market implementation

The winning team can look forward to great prizes and over a week full of creative ideas and experiences in engineering practice and applying economic skills!

Alle Teilnehmer des MacGyver Entrepreneurship Wettbewerbs 2017