International High-Tech Start-up Summer School
„Build your International Entrepreneurship Skills & Competences“

Online School consisting of lectures and workshops with all start-up relevant topics including development of an own businss model

International High-Tech Start-up Online Incubation Process
„Substantiate your business model“

Online-Process with additional events, networking and teamwork-sessions to develop the business model within half-a-year

International High-Tech Start-up Camp
„Start-up your own business now“

Three intensive weeks in Germany to set up the company

International High-Tech Start-up EXIST-Application
„Applicate for grants and raise capital“

Guided application-process for EXIST-founder-grant up to 600.000 € and other capital-investments

International High-Tech Entrepreneurship and Innovation Forum
„Present your business to an international conference“

International conference with focus on high-tech-entrepreneurship and green-entrepreneurship