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We support students, doctoral students, research assistants and alumni of the Ostfalia University and TU Braunschweig.

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Entrepreneurship means to establish companies and organisations on the basis of innovative business ideas and concepts. Introducing innovative products and services both dissolves and redefines the existing order of the economic cycle. Entrepreneurship is therefore a key factor for the economic and social development of a region.

Entrepreneurs seize opportunities and value creation potentials aiming to successfully establish innovation on the market while facing uncertain conditions. They solve problems and can bring about profound changes in economy and society by implementing creative ideas.


We are committed to strengthening and promoting a lively and interdisciplinary university start-up culture in the Braunschweig region.

  • Teaching – Values and Methods of Entrepreneurship

  • Research – High Tech Entrepreneurship and Digitization

  • Coaching – Founding incubator and coaching services

  • Events – Passion for Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship

We convey both expertise and methods for business model innovation. Furthermore, we accompany and support the start-up process by linking teaching, research, business and society together.


The Entrepreneurship Hub contributes to giving our society new impetus by fostering innovative start-ups from both TU Braunschweig and Ostfalia University.

Joseph Schumpeter defined entrepreneurship as a process of creative destruction. We are thus committed to ensuring that innovation develops and can spread.

For us, innovation is not an abstract term. We exemplify innovation through how we act. It requires us to develop a creative, independent and self-reliant attitude to topics, questions and problems.

We carry an intrinsic motivation to develop new ideas, to fulfil tasks and to holistically promote the Hub and Entrepreneurship in general.

Entrepreneurship is an interhuman process. We are committed to making our society more livable. Thus, we treat each other respectfully within the team. When problems arise, we approach them openly, trying to solve them in an amicable and empathic way.





Information and blogposts about Entrepreneurship and current topics from within the region.