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Fit for the future – the perfect MBA to promote entrepreneurial thinking

The Master of Business Administration course, specializing in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, was launched in 2013 as a logical consequence of Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences’ participating in the German government’s excellence competition “EXIST IV – The Founding University” and the many years of successful commitment of Professor Dr. Asghari and his team. In recent years, numerous MBA students have already been supported in acquiring and expanding an entrepreneurial mindset. They have benefited from the subject-specific knowledge and skills, special projects and coaching provided during their studies. Either as intrapreneurs within the framework of an employment relationship in the company or as entrepreneurs founding their own companies before, during or after completing their studies.

Students come from a wide variety of industries and fields – engineers and economists are just as welcome as psychologists, computer scientists or humanists. In the MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, pursuing personal development as well as an entrepreneurial mindset intended to produce new and innovative ideas and concepts is much more important than the professional background.

Studying part-time and learning from the best

Our MBA is aimed specifically at people firmly integrated into professional life. Therefore the lectures take place on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. The courses are led by top-class experts in their respective fields who have extensive experience in business and entrepreneurship. In this way, there is always a direct practical reference and the students can apply their acquired knowledge immediately in situations relevant to them.

Intrapreneurs – Employees as entrepreneurs

More and more companies in Germany attach importance to upskillling their workers. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management programme is structured in such a way that it also appeals to employees of all sizes who wish to develop themselves further or who are to be qualified by the companies and institutions for higher positions. As part of the MBA program, they are trained to become intrapreneurs,
i.e. employees who demonstrate entrepreneurial ways of thinking and virtues within the company in order to help the respective company achieve sustainable success. An innovation-promoting corporate culture and structures, greater cost awareness, an understanding of the interrelationships and increasing personal initiative are just a few examples of how companies can benefit from sending their employees to our MBA program.

Many of our students are actively supported by their employers, either financially or by being assigned projects the students work out within the framework of their studies.

Innovation – Success through innovation

Companies are exposed to increasing competitive pressure due to globalization and the associated increase in the number of competitors on the market, as well as ever shorter product life cycles. To remain successful in the future, companies are therefore increasingly dependent on creating new innovative products and services and making them available to the market.

The MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management not only teaches students the economic importance of innovation in a global context, but also provides them with the tools they need to create innovation. They will be empowered to initiate and accelerate the process of “creative destruction” either in their own company or in the role of intrapreneur in the companies of their employers.

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Master of Business Administration in 24 months

The MBA program Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management is designed to last two years. In the first three semesters, students complete four of the five compulsory modules, while the last semester is devoted to the Master’s thesis and the final colloquium.

We understand the individual backgrounds and circumstances of our students, who often work full-time, and want no one to have to choose between studying and working. For this reason, an individual adjustment of the study duration is also possible.

Wolfenbüttel, Braunschweig, Berlin and Silicon Valley

A large part of the courses take place on the Wolfenbüttel campus of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. However, some events, such as the organized excursions, also take place at companies in the region, in Braunschweig, in Berlin (e.g. Entrepreneurship Summit) or in Silicon Valley. The joint excursion into the heart of the digital world is a special highlight of the programme.

Some testimonials of our graduates

“Without the degree, I wouldn’t be at my company where I am today.”

“The teaching content has given me the confidence to start my own business and so far I haven’t regretted it at all. It is amazing how much of what has been learned can actually be applied in practice.”

“The studies helped me to view my role as an employee in the company from a completely new perspective. The skills I learned not only allowed me to question myself, but also to restructure and motivate my entire department, thereby helping me to be more efficient.”

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General information about the programme

Degree: Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Specialization: Entrepreneurship und Innovation Management

Type of study: Part-time continuing education programme

Events: The events take place on Friday afternoons and weekends

In addition, various excursions to companies and specialist congresses are organised. A highlight of the program is a joint excursion to Silicon Valley, where students gain insight into some of the world’s most valuable companies.

Duration: 4 semesters, extra-occupational

Languages: German and English

Start: Winter and summer semester

Deadline for applications:  15 July (winter semester start) & 15 January (summer semester start)

After these deadlines, interested students can contact the course coordinator, Mr. Roshandel, directly and inquire whether any remaining places are still available.
You can find information on how to apply here.

Admission requirements:

Bachelor’s or equivalent university degree.

At least one year of relevant professional activity after completion of the first degree.

Exceptions and details can be found in the admission regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the course coordinator Mr. Roshandel.

Examination requirements: Examinations are primarily provided as term papers, which can be worked on individually or in groups. Some of the courses include written or oral examinations. To obtain the degree of Master of Business Administration, a final thesis and a colloquium are required.

1,790 € tuition fee per semester

990 € one-time registration fee

450 € one-time examination fee (due at the beginning of the Master’s thesis)

Currently 187 € semester fee


Mr. Samir J. Roshandel, M.Sc.
Course coordinator
Telephone: +49 (0) 5331 939 33390


Samir Roshandel, M.Sc.
Samir Roshandel, M.Sc.Course coordinator
Telephone: +49 (0) 5331 939 33390
Mobil: +49 (0) 151 209 40855