Lecture Series

The power of innovation: How start-ups change the world

In our lecture series, experts from the start-up scene talk about their experiences, share their advice and focus on exciting entrepreneurship topics. All lectures are held online or remotely.

Students can also receive credits for attending all lectures and for completing a small additional task. Registration is then via Stud.IP. External guests or students who do not want to receive credits can also attend individual lectures. Please use the registration links under the relevant lecture.

Robert Tietje: Mobility Innovation - Silicon Valley tech culture

The lecture series begins with an exciting talk by Robert Tietje.
Robert Tietje works as a tech evangelist and intrapreneur at Volkswagen. In addition to stations at Volkswagen in Canada, China and Silicon Valley, he is also working on the topic of „Data driven product design“ in Germany. During his presentation, Robert will provide insights into his work and discuss the topics from the perspective of Germany vs. Silicon Valley. 

Dr. Mario Herger: From Future Angst to Future Hope

The author and innovation expert Dr. Mario Herger will share rare insight into technological progress and how start-ups can manage the fears associated with it.

What current fears are shaping us? What fears did people face in the past when today’s technologies did not exist? Why are we not at the forefront of the competition between cultures for new technologies today? What measures do we need to take in order to view new technologies not as something frightening and hostile, but as a means of solving humanity’s major problems? In “Future Angst“, innovation expert Dr. Mario Herger poses the crucial questions regarding technology and progress and presents professional and forward-looking solutions. With his appeal “Design the Future”, Herger offers an unconventional and transformative approach for a new, human-centered mindset.

Marc Junker: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Marc Junker has been supporting startups in Germany and the US for many years as a founder, board member, investor and supervisory board member. 

As part of his international investments, Marc worked as CIO&CTO in San Francisco, New York, Hamburg and Singapore. He is teaching entrepreneurship and innovation management at Leibniz University Hannover with a strong focus on funding of high tech startups.
Besides that you will find Marc taking care of his sustainable forestry and apiary projects.

Dr. Sven Beiker: Mobility from Silicon Valley - from tech companies, start-ups and old friends

Dr. Sven Beiker has spent more than two decades working on the future of mobility at BMW Group, McKinsey & Company, and Stanford University. He worked in three major automotive and technology locations: Germany, Silicon Valley, and Detroit.

As a lecturer at Stanford Business School, he teaches strategies for startups and enterprises in the field of automated, connected, electrified and shared mobility.

Dr. Sven Beiker is also on the advisory board of several startups in the mobility sector. He is an advisor to the German-American Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco and is a consultant and co-editor of the Springer Lecture Notes in Mobility.

Stephanie Reimann: Start-up Nation Israel - Success Factors & Challenges

As head of the „Konnect“ innovation campus at the Tel Aviv, Stephanie Reimann developed solutions for the mobility of the future together with her team and the Volkswagen Group brands. The „Konnect“ campus connects the Group’s brands with Israel’s dynamic startup scene and enables them to engage in an uncomplicated exchange. The „Konnect“ team manages collaborations and projects in areas including smart mobility, Industry 4.0, cyber security and big data.

Kristina Nikolaus & Dr. Laila Al-Halabi-Frenzel

Kristina Nikolaus is CEO and co-founder of the start-up OKAPI:Orbits, a spin-off of TU Braunschweig in the field of New Space. OKAPI:Orbits has developed software that avoids collisions in space and minimizes space debris. 

Dr. Laila Al-Halabi-Frenzel is the co-founder of the start-up Abcalis, also a spin-off of TU Braunschweig in the field of developing and manufacturing higher qualitative vegan antibodies for research and diagnostics.

During the talk, both will talk about their journey with their respective start-ups. Take the chance and learn more about the failures and learnings along the way.