4 reasons why you should start up in Germany

1. Expand from the central of Europe

Germany has a well developed infrastructure. Due to its central location in Europe, Germany is an important location between East and West Europe.
Germany has an extensive road and rail network as well as a secure energy supply and communications infrastructure.

2. Global Player

Germany is the engine of the European economy – and you can benefit from this. Another plus is the large German domestic market and easy access to growth markets in the enlarged European Union. Germany is the third largest export nation – close behind China and the USA – after six years as the world export champion. 469 billion euros of foreign investment speak for themselves: Germany is a world-class business location. The location in Braunschweig makes it possible to work together with companies such as Volkswagen and Bosch. The region of Lower Saxony in particular is considered as a leader in research and development investment throughout Europe.  Innovative driver assistance systems as well as automated and networked driving are constantly tested here. In addition, the potential of the new mobile phone standard 5G will be tested here, one of the few locations in Germany. If you are interested in topics such as sustainability, mobility and digitalization, then have a look at our IE program.

3. Skilled Professionals

The employees of Germany are highly qualified. Germany has a talent pool of people that you could start with or hire for your company. The seal „Made in Germany“ is a worldwide known designation of origin which stands as a seal of quality for services and quality goods produced in Germany. Find out how to start your business with an international team and how you can profit from it.

4. Growing Start-Up Scene

Germany has an attractive support and funding programs for Start Ups. Various programs of funding enables you in every phase to get an settlement- if you know how and where to find them. The offer ranges from direct grants to research funds to free training for specialists. The International Entrepreneurship Program helps and mentors you throughout the whole process of setting up your own business. There are plenty of startup grants and competitions to pitch your idea. One of these events is the High Tech Entrepreneurship & Innovation Forum.