What is International Entrepreneurship?

1. What is International Entrepreneurship?

International Entrepreneurship offers the possibility to establish a start-up in an international framework. Students, researchers or employees interested in starting their own business are given access to critical economic and technical know-how to develop their business idea or to define a business model for ongoing research. The TechKnowlodgy Entrepreneurship Hub offers various online and in-person events (i.a., lectures, workshops, network events, expert talks). The program includes participation in an international Entrepreneurship Summer School (online, September), an online incubation process (December to May), and the International Hightech Entrepreneurship Start-up Camp in Germany (June).

During this process, participants learn the basics of starting a business as well as essential skills (Summer School) and then deepen them through expert workshops, mentoring, and coaching (online incubation). Finally, there is the opportunity to participate in the start-up camp in Germany in order to establish contacts with stakeholders on-site and to advance the legal establishment of the start-up. The program elements are explained in the following.

2. What are the benefits?

You have a business idea and want to access international markets? International Entrepreneurship not only enables you to offer your product or service on the domestic market, but also gives you the opportunity to establish yourself on an international market. Through the lively exchange of culture and knowledge in the international team and mentoring side by side with the Entrepreneurship Hub, you will be accompanied from the very beginning to realize your idea. In this way you not only contribute to your own economic, academic and personal development, but also support your community and society.

3. Why should I join this program?

Can you imagine living in Germany and starting a business? Would you like to gather international experience and realize your idea in a multi-cultural team? You will work with international like-minded people from all over the world. Develop your ideas and find partners who will accompany you on the way to founding your own company in Germany. Then apply here for the program. Here you can find more information.

4. What is the role of the Entrepreneurship Hub?

The Entrepreneurship Hub offers the opportunity to found a company in Germany for university students within the framework of the Exist start-up program „International Überzeugen“, supported by the Federal Ministry. Teams of German and international students will work together on their ideas, which include sustainability and digitalization.