#RoadToSuccess: Battery Damage Service

The Team: Battery Damage Service

The Battery Revolution: How a Team of Tech Enthusiasts is Transforming the Industrial Battery Market


The world of industrial batteries is complex and demanding, yet there are entrepreneurs who boldly dive into this realm to find sustainable solutions. In this blog post, you will discover the inspiring story of Battery Damage Service, a team that has come together to revolutionize the battery industry.


From Idea to Reality: The Birth of a Battery Service Company

Imagine you’re an aspiring mechanical engineering student and your passion lies in technology and industry. This is precisely the case for Mikhail Kasiyanov, who, along with Battery Damage Service, aims to upend the world of batteries and, with the help of Lukas Block and Ivan Mastschenko, transform the battery industry.

The idea was clear: A full-service company for industrial batteries, not solely focused on maintenance and repair but encompassing the entire lifecycle of industrial batteries, including logistics and disposal. The vision is to make life easier for battery manufacturers while offering sustainable solutions.


Challenges on the Road to Success

The establishment of the company brought forth numerous challenges. The first and perhaps the most significant challenge was building business relationships and gaining the trust of potential customers. As newcomers to the market, they had to credibly assure that they could meet the complex requirements of their customers. Building business relationships and trust was a pivotal first step.

Furthermore, regulatory challenges in waste recycling posed another barrier. Dealing with bureaucratic paperwork and legal regulations required thorough preparation.

Financial resources were limited, and the young company had to constantly generate profits to cover ongoing expenses and make investments. This demanded careful financial planning and astute resource management.


The Power of Support and Collaboration

Despite these challenges, Mikhail and the team persevered and gained valuable insights. They emphasize that while the startup process can be tough, overcoming these obstacles can lead to a stable and successful company. Today, Battery Damage Service is at a point where they are reaping the rewards of their efforts.

The support provided by the Startup Academy Wachstum und Innovation (Growth and innovation), W.IN for short, was pivotal. The program gave valuable Mentoring and consulting and helped building the business.  TU Braunschweig laid the overall technological foundation upon which the batterie start-up ecosystem stands. Collaboration with universities and research projects allowed them to exchange knowledge and drive the development of new technologies.


Three Pieces of Advice from Mikhail for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:

  1. Choose the Right Field: Select an area that you are passionately interested in and are willing to work hard in. Gather comprehensive knowledge from literature and practical experience.
  2. Accumulate Practical Experience: Seize the opportunity to gather practical experience, whether through internships in startups or related positions. This allows for a better understanding of the workings and practical aspects of the chosen field.
  3. Seek Customer Interaction: Once you have accumulated enough knowledge and experience, actively approach potential customers. Understand their needs and problems to determine if there is a market gap for your product or service.


We wish the team of Battery Damage Service all the best on their further #RoadToSuccess.