Braunschweig: A City of Entrepreneurial Promise

In this blog post we shine a spotlight on Braunschweig, seen through the eyes of three future entrepreneurs from India who visited Braunschweig: Amarpal, Pratham, and Parth. This June, they took part in the Entrepreneurship Hub’s Indo-German High-Tech Start-up Camp and were guests in Braunschweig for 10 days.Their journey not only uncovered the city’s charm but also revealed its potential as a thriving hub for entrepreneurship.

Amarpal's Perspective: Braunschweig's Entrepreneurial Spirit and Innovation

For Amarpal, the heart of Braunschweig’s appeal lay in its rich history and vibrant atmosphere. The City Centre Tour, which provided a glimpse into the city’s past, was a standout experience. He also noted the city’s well-connected transportation infrastructure, making it an attractive destination.

When it came to entrepreneurship, Amarpal was deeply impressed by Braunschweig’s commitment to innovation. The city’s diverse opportunities and its thriving international entrepreneur community showcased its potential. During his visit, Amarpal gleaned valuable insights into successful entrepreneurship, such as the importance of networking, sustainability, government support programs like EXIST, and the broader perspective gained from exposure to international influences.

Pratham's Adventure: Connecting with Braunschweig and Its Entrepreneurship Landscape

Pratham’s journey was marked by adventure, particularly his canoeing experience on the Oker river—a unique and beautiful encounter that captured his heart. He also cherished his interactions with the people of Braunschweig, emphasizing the importance of connecting with the local community.

In terms of entrepreneurship, Pratham acknowledged that the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Braunschweig has a good potential to grow still further. However, he commended the city for taking positive steps, notably the Indo-German camp initiative. The opportunity to meet the Mayor of Braunschweig, who shared his vision for a vibrant entrepreneurship landscape, left a significant impression. Pratham also highlighted the importance of discipline, cultural understanding, and effective communication for entrepreneurs looking to thrive.

Parth's Journey: Braunschweig—Where Entrepreneurship Meets a Welcoming Community

Parth’s experience in Braunschweig revolved around the city’s warm-hearted people and their collective pursuit of success. He found the staff at DJH to be not just accommodating but also deeply committed to their roles, fostering a sense of responsibility towards students staying at the hostel.

Parth couldn’t help but be captivated by Braunschweig’s natural beauty, serene spots for reflection, and favorable climate. In terms of entrepreneurship, he viewed Braunschweig as a city that serves as a catalyst for founders. It provides mindful spaces for work and creativity, making it an ideal destination for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Parth’s journey in Braunschweig marked a significant milestone in his entrepreneurial endeavors. He emphasized the importance of making connections in the city, not just through verbal communication but also through non-verbal cues. Engaging with the local community, learning from their experiences, and applying these insights both professionally and personally can be a driving force for entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, these three future entrepreneurs shared their unique perspectives on Braunschweig, highlighting its rich history, commitment to innovation, and warm-hearted community. The city offers a promising landscape for entrepreneurship, with valuable lessons to be learned in networking, discipline, cultural understanding, and the power of connections. Braunschweig isn’t just a destination; it’s a city that nurtures entrepreneurial dreams.


Das Camp fand im Rahmen des von EXIST geförderten Projekts International TechKnowlogy Entrepreneurship Hub (INTEKNO) statt.