Braunschweig Facts

Braunschweig Stadtmarketing

One out of 13 owns a patent

The Braunschweig region is one of the most inventive regions in northern Germany.
There are around 20,203 patents for inventions in Braunschweig. If these were converted to the nearly 250,000 inhabitants, about every 13th Braunschweig resident would have a patent for an invention.

Mum puts Braunschweig on the map

The export hit par excellence from Braunschweig was Mum (German: Mumme). The malty drink was shipped during the Middle Ages as provisions for seafarers and thus made Braunschweig famous all over the world. Mum had a decisive advantage: Due to its high alcohol and sugar content, it could be kept for weeks, even at tropical temperatures. With its nutritional content, it also protected sailors from scurvy. Originally, Mum was brewed as a beer with a weak to strong alcohol content; it was not until the 18th century that the alcohol was removed. Nowadays, the thick malt extract is mainly used to refine food and drinks.


Braunschweig and the Lion

The Lion Monument, known as the Braunschweiger Löwe, is an iconic symbol of Braunschweig’s history and identity. Commissioned by Heinrich der Löwe (Henry the Lion), a significant medieval figure, the statue represents his power, strength, and nobility as the Duke of Saxony and Bavaria.

Carved from a single block of sandstone, the lion monument stands as a testament to Henry’s loyalty and selflessness, as he used his ransom money to create it instead of securing his own release. It serves as a lasting emblem of the city, reminding residents and visitors of Braunschweig’s medieval past and the legacy of Henry the Lion.

Braunschweig Christmas Market

The Braunschweig Christmas Market is one of Germany’s most appealing and ethereal holiday marketplaces thanks to its 500-year history, and draws several hundred thousand tourists yearly. Every year, the areas surrounding St. Blasii Cathedral are transformed into a beautiful holiday market with tasteful lighting and a joyous ambiance. 150 artisans and dealers will set up shop between November 23 and December 29, 2022, in front of an amazing historical setting. They provide a wide variety of presents, including illuminated Christmas stars, leather goods coated with fur, and wooden toys and jewelry. During the holidays, people frequently enjoy culinary specialties from the area and around the world.