International Entrepreneurship is a german start-up-program to support international students, researchers and founders launching collaborative high-tech-start-ups.

We leverage existing potential and boost entrepreneurship


The TechKnowlodgy Entrepreneurship Hub is the platform established at Technical University Braunschweig and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences as part of EXIST, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, to promote international start-ups.

Together with international partners, bi- or multinational start-ups will be established. These companies will be operating in Germany and in their respective home countries. The goal is to analyze and to promote the commercialization of existing research collaborations and research activities of the partners.

For this purpose, a concept has been developed consisting of the three components Entrepreneurship Program, Entrepreneurship Network, and Entrepreneurship Incubation. The program is aimed at start-ups and university affiliates of the international partners as well as the TU Braunschweig and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

Joint Entrepreneurship Research

The possibility of joint research on entrepreneurship topics in the context of the program is intended to generate added value for start-ups, partners, and science. The results can, for instance, be presented and discussed at the HTEIF conference hosted by Entrepreneurship Hub (next 2021). Further, there is the possibility of joint doctorates, publications, student theses and classes.

Entrepreneurship Program

Start-ups and students, researchers or employees interested in starting their own business are given access to critical economic and technical know-how to develop their business idea or to define a business model for ongoing research. The TechKnowlodgy Entrepreneurship Hub offers various online and in-person events (i.a. lectures, workshops, network events, expert talks). The program includes participation in an International Entrepreneurship Summer School (Online, September), an Online Incubation process (December to May), and the International High-tech Entrepreneurship Start-up Camp in Germany (June). During this process, participants learn the basics of starting a business as well as essential skills (Summer School) and then deepen them through expert workshops, mentoring, and coaching (Online Incubation). Finally, there is the opportunity to participate in the Start-up Camp in Germany in order to establish contacts with stakeholders on-site and to advance the legal establishment of the start-up.
The international partners have the opportunity to contribute their knowledge and competence in lectures and workshops. Through the combination of in-person events and the use of online tools, the integration of partners is uncomplicated, and participation is extremely attractive for start-ups.

Entrepreneurship Network

The TechnKnowlodgy Entrepreneurship Hub connects start-ups with relevant stakeholders in Braunschweig and at partner universities. Start-ups thus gain access to industry, science, and political experts as well as potential partners for collaboration and customers. The aim is also to involve experts in the environment of international partners. This will enable start-ups to build up a comprehensive and robust international network to foster their growth and success. Over time, a network of Start-up Alumni will be created, sharing their knowledge and know-how with future participants. The goal is to continuously expand the network in order to offer participants and partners the greatest possible added value.

EXIST grant and Incubation

After completing the Entrepreneurship Program, selected start-ups receive support in applying for an EXIST grant. This enables the team to participate in a one-year incubation process in Germany. During this time, the team receives mentoring and coaching from the TechKnowlodgy Hub and access to a broad network of public and private stakeholders. In addition, office space will be made available in Braunschweig so that start-ups can work locally. During this time, the aim is to develop the product to market maturity and formally establish the company.