Our Mission

     Our Mission

We are dedicated to strengthening and promoting a lively and interdisciplinary university start-up culture in the Braunschweig region.

We impart the expertise and methods for business model innovation, accompany and support the start-up process and create the interfaces between teaching, research, business and society.

     Our Values

At the Entrepreneurship Hub, we contribute to bringing new impetus to our society through innovative startups from the TU Braunschweig and Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences.

Joseph Schumpeter defined entrepreneurship as the process of creative destruction. In this sense, we are committed to enabling innovations to emerge and expand.

For us, innovation is not an abstract concept. We demonstrate innovation in practice. It requires a creative, independent and responsible approach to topics, issues and challenges.

An intrinsic motivation for the development of new ideas, for tasks and for the development of the Hub and entrepreneurship is a premise at our institute.

Entrepreneurship is a human process. We are committed to making our society more human. To this end, we treat each other with respect within the team. If problems arise, we address them openly and try to solve them amicably and empathetically.