Overview of our study programs

The Entrepreneurship Hub pursues the goal of making scientific research results economically usable. The participants of our events are made aware of the topic of entrepreneurship and start-up management. The focus is particularly on the areas of high-tech entrepreneurship and business model innovation.

All students, doctoral candidates and research assistants of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences and the TU Braunschweig can participate in the events. The modules can be credited as elective courses.

     Courses, Bachelor – Spring semester

Technology Business Model Creation
Technology Business Model Creation

The core objective of the Technology Business Model Creation seminar is to make the scientific and technological research results of the region commercially viable. It shows the enormous possibilities and problem-solving potentials that can be realized when high-tech research meets tailor-made, marketable business concepts and results that can be utilized in the marketplace. The focus is therefore on business models and development in the high-tech sector. Every spring semester, we cooperate with a number of institutes and external research facilities from the region.


Green Start-up Challenge
MacGyver Entrepreneurship

MacGyver Entrepreneurship combines the tinkering idea with the entrepreneurship thought. The aim is to foster students’ creativity and to enable them to develop new and to enable them to develop new holistic ideas and solutions through teamwork. With the motto “Awaken the MacGyver in you”, the students are to develop the e-scooter provided to them. During the semester, students will attend basic workshops. The Protohaus will offer students basic workshops on various manufacturing processes for prototypes.


International Entrepreneurship
Summer School
International Entrepreneurship
Summer School

The International Entrepreneurship Summer School is a one-week online seminar. It is designed to introduce you to entrepreneurship and start-up culture. You will learn skills such as: What is a business idea? How can business ideas be developed into business models? What skills do you need and what is an entrepreneurial mindset? To teach you what it takes to create a successful start-up, we have invited international lecturers and entrepreneurs. Lectures by national and international lecturers help participants to further expand and develop their startup-related expertise. Our International Entrepreneurship Summer School is application-oriented.


     Courses, Bachelor – Spring- and Wintersemester

High Tech Entrepreneurship
High Tech Entrepreneurship

The scholarly insights gained in research are an excellent basis for founding innovative startups. What has a long tradition at Georgia Tech, MIT and Stanford is gradually gaining acceptance at German universities. From the combination of the scientific knowledge gained during doctoral studies and sufficient venture capital, fast-growing technology companies can emerge, which represent an attractive career opportunity for young academics.


     Courses, Bachelor –  Wintersemester

Technology Entrepreneurship
Technology Entrepreneurship

How can an innovative business model be found for current problems?
Which phases are undergone during this process of conceptualization?
What methods are there for generating innovative business models for
technology-oriented companies and which of them have been particularly successful?
Our lecture Technology Entrepreneurship / Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship serves students
as a first introduction to the topic of entrepreneurship. Through practical examples, the importance of start-ups for the long-term development of our society is explained and emphasized from an economic point of view.


Entrepreneurship Spring School
Spring School

The Entrepreneurship Spring School is an event format for a focused immersion into the topic of entrepreneurship and start-up culture. What is a business idea? How can business ideas be elaborated in terms of content and developed into a solid market concept? What skills and attitudes do entrepreneurs have, and how do they use or implement them in everyday life? The start-up process will be examined from A to Z practically during the School. In the run-up to and at the beginning of the event, participants consider which ideas they would like to turn into a business model and then form teams together to work out these ideas intensively and practically for a whole week.


     Final papers and research

In addition to general topics in the field of entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship Hub especially supervises dissertations with the following focal points:

  • Business Model Innovation
  • High Tech Entrepreneurship
  • Digitalization and Industry 4.0
  • Regional Entrepreneurship and Start-Up Ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurial University
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Entrepreneurship Education

Students should already have sufficient knowledge about the design and writing of scientific papers as well as about the essential elements of scientific working methods before the first consultation. For this purpose, an extensive repertoire of appropriate auxiliary literature is available in the university libraries.  When writing scientific papers, all relevant research channels should be used. This includes in particular relevant journal databases (e.g. EBSCO, ISI Web, JSTOR, ScienceDirect), many of which can be accessed from the university network or via VPN client. Via the university network, either the respective databases or directly the publishers and journal websites can be accessed free of charge for retrieving or downloading most of the articles.

A guide for writing scientific papers and a template for written papers and presentations can be found under Downloads.


Final paper (bachelor and master theses) 

Research projects and seminar papers


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