Hightech-Incubator/Accelerator Smart Mobility

The “High-Tech Incubator/Accelerator” (HTIA) project is an integrated program for technology-oriented start-ups. Within this framework, start-ups with a focus on mobility and digitization are offered individual qualification modules, events, coaching and financial support, both in the (pre-) start-up phase and in later development phases.

The targeted support of the start-ups supports and accelerates the development and establishment of high-tech companies in Lower Saxony.

 Financial assistance

Start-ups in the pre-foundation phase receive a grant of €2,000 per co-founder (if they have completed their studies) and €1,000 per month (if they have completed their apprenticeship) for a total of ten months. In addition, there are financial subsidies amounting to €100,000 in incubation and up to €200,000 in acceleration. The teams also receive a wide range of qualifying support, mentoring and coaching.

 Who is behind this?

In November 2021, the University of Technology Braunschweig submitted a corresponding funding application for the establishment and operation of a high-tech incubator or accelerator Smart Mobility (HTIA Smart Mobility).

The application was prepared by a consortium of proposers:

The organization of the funding projects is carried out by the NBank.

 Our Program



Runak Sabbar
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Sandra Kaiser
Entrepreneurship Hub
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Prof. Dr. Reza Asghari
Entrepreneurship Hub
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Lisa Naumann
Entrepreneurship Hub
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