Monitoring Lower Saxony Entrepreneurship


The research project “Niedersachsen Entrepreneurship Monitoring” is commissioned by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture. Its goal is to record the entrepreneurship transformation of the state of Lower Saxony. For this purpose, a research-based monitoring system will be developed. With the aid of this system, measures for the promotion of entrepreneurship will be made transparent and the effectiveness of the measures can be measured. In this way, precise recommendations for action will be derived, which will enable a more targeted use of existing resources and more efficient and effective measures for the promotion of entrepreneurship. The project is aimed at politicians, universities and the business community and start-ups in Lower Saxony.


Assessment of measures are taken and decisions to be made at the state level and for local authorities


Status quo of own start-up infrastructure and disclosure of improvement potentials

Economy and startups

Awareness of measures and infrastructures already in place at local level and their assessment

     Initial situation, strategy for implementation and objectives


The Lower Saxony Entrepreneurship Monitoring Project is divided into four successive phases, with completion planned for mid-2022:


     Funded by

Mathis Vetter
Christian Stascheit