Start-ups and enterprises from our region introduce themselves

Our Wall of Fame deals with innovative startups and university spinoffs from the Braunschweig region. In part, we have actively or passively supported these ourselves through our services and accompanied them along their path. Some have emerged completely independently of us.  We would like to make a contribution here so that startups and innovative entrepreneurship from the region receive more attention and enlightenment among students, scientific staff and professors from other institutes and research institutions. Our research and invention power is high, but above all it is also important to make the results of this research work useful to society and people. And this can be ideally realized with the various forms of entrepreneurship.

Fabmaker GmbH

fabmaker offer innovative teaching/learning concepts in the field of 3D printing and supply the complete package together with the corresponding 3D printer. The idea came to them when they wanted to use such a printer at the university and realized that they were not allowed to do so at all for formal reasons and safety-related criteria. So they developed their own educational 3D printer. In the video, Dean gives us both technical and personal insights, showing us where the motivation to establish the company came from.

FORMHAND Automation GmbH

This startup originally went through our Technology Business Model Creation seminar and is an excellent example of how doctoral projects at the university can be carried to a spinoff and thus from invention to innovation. FORMHAND offer individual grippers for industry that can adapt to any workpiece depending on the situation. Christian Löchte and Florian Bode explain how the gripper works and give great insights into the technology.

FORMHAND – Flexible handling for efficient production and logistics

lilian Labs GmbH

The lilian labs GmbH develops, produces and sells an innovative water analysis device, which breaks as a disruptive product an already existing market. Time-consuming analysis procedures with sample preparations and post-processing, the mixing of dangerous chemicals as well as errors with the manual documentation belong thereby to the past. Overall, the effort and time invested in the entire process is reduced by around 90%.

The LILIAN System – The Revolution in Water Analysis (


MENUX GmbH has set itself the goal of providing the next software solutions for the future of mobility, logistics and smart city concepts.
We visited the two brothers and founders in their office at iTUBS GmbH and asked them a few questions about their product and life as a founder and received tips for students interested in founding a company.



mexdulon have made it their business to make pupils fit for the digitalized world. With their digital experimentation kits, it’s easy to learn how modular systems work and get familiar with technology at an early age. Oliver and Björn are both founders from our own incubator and tell you in this video something about their career, the mission of mexdulon as well as their ambitions as founders.

mobfish GmbH

With their product “mobfish VR Studio” (previously: Player 360°), mobfish have managed to develop an intuitive and independent software that allows you to create your own VR applications. And all this without any programming knowledge.

Tobias Sell, founder and CEO, provides brief insights into the company and what you should bring along as a founder.

mobfish VR STUDIO – Inspire customers, viewers and colleagues with self-created virtual applications

Papa Fuego GmbH

Papa Fuego, the startup with St. Pauli flair! Papa Fuego produces medium hot and spicy Mexican and recently also launched a passion fruit vanilla drink that can be enjoyed either as a shot, long drink or as a topping for ice cream.

We visited Oliver Kern and were able to elicit a few answers about the history of the startup, who he is and his motivation to establish it.

Papa Fuego | Prost Amigos | hot shots and delicious fruity liqueur


Storing valuables safely at the swimming lake, in the park, while camping, at festivals and at many other activities, without a car, locker or anything else? Dennis and Gero, the founders behind the idea for the Spinsafe, were certainly not the only ones who faced this challenge. The Spinsafe is a highly resilient, injection-molded and mobile safe for the most important things that you always have with you during the above-mentioned activities. Mostly these are the wallet, the cell phone and f keys. When Dennis (one of our MBA alumni) and Gero saw that there was no practical, valuable and above all a trustworthy solution for this problem on the market, they started to develop the Spinsafe. The Spinsafe is already available!

Spinsafe — The Outdoor-Safe


2kai offers managed services of the Internet of Things (IoT) for corporations and medium-sized companies and provides vendor-independent complete solutions for problems in the industrial environment. The managed service portfolio of 2kai ranges from the monitoring of machines and plants by means of IoT-enabled sensors and the required IoT infrastructure to data visualization and mass data analysis with the methods of artificial intelligence to vibration measurement and vibration analysis of production machines. As a managed service with guaranteed response times for problem resolution, 2kai offers calculable benefits at a fixed price.

2kai – To Know About It | Industrial IoT solutions from a single source