The winning team 2022

Team Solar Efficient

International Entrepreneurship Summer School

The Solar Efficient team was able to convince the jury with its idea and won first place at the International Entrepreneurship Summer School 2022 and thus became the Entrepreneurship Hub Ambassadors 2022. Their business idea is based on a concept for cleaning solar panels with the help of robots to enable even more efficient, sustainable and resource-saving use of solar energy.

The team

Dipanjan Rout

Kartikey Bhandari

Debdatta Dey

Aakash Bedre

The founding idea

Solar Efficient addresses a prevalent problem that yet remains unsolved in their home country of India. Parts of India are blessed with a proportionally high number of sun hours each year, which provides them with the opportunity to generate a sustainable form of energy by using solar panels. These require constant cleaning and maintenance to achieve the highest efficiency. However, due to the depletion of ground water, the government in India is implementing stringent measures to prevent the wet cleaning of solar panels. Therefore, Team Solar Efficient is working on an Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence based tech ecosystem for increasing the yield of solar panels by combining maintenance and dry-cleaning with data analytics. Their aim is to closely monitor the changes in solar panels to detect possible inefficiencies and faults. In doing so, they are potentially able to save billions of gallons of fresh water in the process through their innovative dry-cleaning service.